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Conversion Rate Optimisation

It is important to realise that conversion rate optimisation (CRO) with regards to online media is an on-going process and is rarely ever ‘complete’. This is because a good PR firm will consistently monitor and measure the performance of your website or blog to make sure that each page is achieving its full potential. PR firms of this nature will also be on the look out for potential weaknesses in your campaign and will attempt to find innovative ways of remedying these problems.

Product Placement

By hiring a PR firm, you can have promotional videos, articles and press releases all adding to your marketing capabilities. They are able to speak and demonstrate your services at public events, conferences and conventions, thus opening up your client base and potentially increasing sales of a particular product. With regards to online conversion rate, having an excellent landing page for your website or blog is key to the overall success of the site. If it isn’t thought out clearly and is slightly confusing, it definitely needs an overhaul.

The Creative Element

Advertising and marketing all really comes down to one thing, and that is the creativity by which you choose to market your company. If you show little effort in coming up with creative ways of raising awareness of your business, the returns you get will show this and your conversion rate will be very low. This is where the PR firm and journalist would step in as not only will they be creative in their efforts to market your products or services, but they will use a vast variety of tactics in order to turn potential customers into real buying ones. These tactics include creating genuinely interesting and engaging copy for your website or blog that buffs up the reputation of your company and creates a formidable image.